An introduction by Elwood H. Smith

In 1974, Slug Signorino and I created Magpie Studio. It was squirreled away in an old, nearly abandoned building in an old, nearly abandoned part of downtown Michigan City, Indiana. Slug was a fledgling, fearless illustrator-designer, and during the two ears of Magpie Studio's existence we fueled each others creativity while learning the business and cementing our friendship.

Sitting at our scruffy drawing tables making funny pictures, we listened to Miles Davis & Firesign Theater LPs while ingesting more than our share of Dairy Queen Buster Bars. On occasion, we'd slip away to watch Honeymooners reruns at Slug's home surrounded by umpteen dogs, cats and kids. His late wife, Judy, made a mighty mean strawberry/rhubarb pie. Ah, those were the days, my friend.

In 1976, I moved to New York City, leaving Slug behind to do the lettering and design for arguable my best promotional piece, "High-Grad Art - Collect All 12", a multi-card matchbook-like mailer. Thanks to Slug it won a Silver Medal at the Society of Illustrators.

Since 1975, Slug has done hundreds of amazing illustrations for The Chicago Reader's, The Straight Dope" a nationally syndicated column. His wonderfully madcap style is instantly recognizable.